It’s been too long

Hey, people have probably noticed that it’s been over a month since my last post. Well, it’s not that there hasn’t been anything worth writing about, but I’ve been absorbed with college stuff.

To offer my quick thoughts on a few current events: I am increasingly alarmed by the way in which the current Administration is treating our ally Israel. We are now willing to talk with Iran without preconditions (still!) but I’m hearing talk of regime change in Israel! WTF? Now, this may be over the line, but we know that the President’s former pastor-whom he apparently never listened to in the years that he went to Church-is an antisemitic kook (remember he said that the Jews were keeping Obama from him?). Is, I don’t know, conceivable that the President is himself a hater of Jews? He is like Carter in so many other ways…Next, my thoughts on the Healthcare disaster: well, we are about to find out if you can ever get rid of an entitlement, because if we don’t try, this Country is going be so completely broke that, well, we’ll have to get rid of it anyway. In the mean time, we can expect that there will be some negative effects right away because the taxes will start soon. Even if you think the idea of redefining insurance to mean “welfare” most of what you want to happen will have to wait several years. Of course, when the “benefits” actually do start it will be a disaster as we quickly discover that our costs are going up. But the worst thing of all is the idea that we’ll be forcing people to buy insurance, representing perhaps the greatest expansion of government authority in our nation’s history. Hopefully the courts will strike down this blatant power grab. As a final comment, look out: Capn’ Trade and Immigration are next on the agenda. I hope you like energy rationing and permanent Democrat control of the government with the legalization of and fast track naturalization of aliens in violation of our law. Hurrah!

All in all, the Obama World is a pretty crappy place.

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