So this page hasn’t been substantially altered since the inception of this blog, and even though I’ve become less active in blogging over the years, I feel it is worthwhile to edit this to be, shall we say, a little more mature, a little more serious? To be clear, my views have not changed, for the most part, on any particular issue. The development of my thinking has been more of degree than kind. I am Andrew, a 23 year old old Political Theorist. Ideologically, acceptable descriptions would be “American Conservative,” “Right-libertarian,” “Right Radical,” “Conservative Minarchist,” or even “Lockean Liberal.” I am pro-Life and I will not back away from opposition to legal murder. I insist on adhering to the original intent of the Framers of the US Constitutions, or where applicable the intent of those amending the Constitution. In terms of views of economics I am most closely align on most issues with the non-Rothbardian Austrians, or the modern revival of the old British Free Banking School. I have a blog about science with a particular emphasis on climate issues-I am a skeptic of the modern religion that is Global Warming, and an unashamed denier of all falsehood-which includes claims that “Climate Change” is or is going to be harmful to people to any significant extent that would justify any Government interference in energy markets-existing interference, should, of course, end. I believe that Classical Liberalism experienced a division at some point in American History into two modern cousin ideologies-American Conservatism, and Libertarianism; the former entirely distinct from and unrelated to the Old World Conservatism several Libertarians rightly deride (and to be sure there are some on the American Right who are more properly European in their Conservatism than American-especially the establishment of the Republican Party); the latter distinguish from the former by moral softness over the issue of abortion (fitting, since I believe that it was the issue of slavery, and moral cowardice over the issue, that destroyed 19th Century Liberalism) and a tendency towards suicidal commitment towards cosmopolitanism-whether it be an unwillingness to confront evil in the world, or a foolish ordering of priorities on the issue of immigration. For these reasons I only reluctantly use, with qualifiers, the label “libertarian,” even though I believe to a radical degree in a free market, moreso even than some Left-libertarians.

Be sure that despite my youth (I am currently 23 years old), I have put extensive thought and research into my views on a number of issues. I do not tolerate here, on my private property, people attempting to talk down to me as if I merely need to consider their beliefs more and realize how wrong I am.

In terms of religion, I am nominally Catholic, but I am not an active practitioner of the faith. I believe there is a God, who created the universe. About nearly everything else I am not certain. I choose to believe, however, in the existence of Hell and eternal damnation, because I need to believe that a lack perfect Justice, which exists of necessity in an imperfect, imperfectible world, is rectified in the next. And to be clear here, Justice is entirely distinct from-even the very antithesis of the so-called “social justice.”

I do not tolerate anyone who claims that as a white male I have somehow lead an existence easier than anyone else. You don’t know anything about my life so your beliefs about how much easier I must have had it are based on nothing more than your own racism and misandry.

Of course, I could stretch this page on extensively detailing my views on any number of issues, but I don’t believe that would be a particularly productive use of my time. If you’d like to contact me-whether you be friend or foe-my seldom checked e-mail address is:


Just get rid of the dashes.