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“Octomom”-what does this whole thing mean?

There is something very scary about the whole “octomom” story. And that’s that everyone, even conservatives, seems to react with “what gives her the right?”. The reason that everyone is tempted to want to control this woman’s behavior is because of welfare. This is the really horrible thing about welfare. She is living off our money. We are indignant, justifiably so, when she misuses it. Everyone who has ever given a hobo money and watched him buy beer with it has felt the totalitarian temptation. But you need to accept that you take that risk in giving of your own free will. But what if you have no choice, as in the case where you pay taxes that the government gives away to the less fortunate? Well, isn’t it only fair that we have total control over these peoples lives? And that’s how freedom dies. This is why charity should be voluntary, should be through non-governmental institutions.

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