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The Great Blogroll Purge

I regret to say that the time has come yet again to remove a large number of blogs and websites from my blogroll. In some cases, this is simply because the blog has not been active in a long time, and removal is simply long overdue. But sadly, many are being removed because I cannot, in good conscience, encourage the five or six people who have ever read this blog, to read websites which promote Trumpism.

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Of Vice (Presidents) and Men.

Hey everyone, I’m back. I had computer meltdown and school so I haven’t posted in some time.

Well, today we are going to be talking about who, in my opinion, should (or should not) be the Vice Presidential nominee of the Republican party. Can anyone repair the damage done by the decision of the establishment to nominate their worst candidate since Benjamin Harrison? Unfortunately, the answer to that last question is “Probably not” but some choices would be markedly worse than others.

By far the worst options come from among the United States Senate. While strictly speaking there is some logic to picking a Senator (namely that the role of the Vice President when the President is not very incapacitated or dead is to be, in effect, a “extra” Senator who normally has no voting role, save to break a tie) the fact of the matter is that if something were to happen to the President, the person who would assume the role would (in general) have no executive experience save observational experience from working alongside the President. That alone is reason enough to doubt the wisdom of a VP choice from the Senate, but not enough to absolutely preclude it. However, there are reasons why all Senators should be out of consideration. First, suppose a conservative Senator were chosen (especially a younger, newer member from oh, say, Florida) this would rob the people of that State of a conservative voice in the Senate to stand up to the President’s anti-capitalist agenda, and drastically shorten and probably end the political career of said VP pick. Alternately, suppose a leftist were chosen to court independent voters: this is redundant even putting aside that this logic doesn’t work in the first place. More than that, the Republicans must understand that they can’t take conservative votes for granted. The only positive to a leftist VP candidate is that when the ticket inevitably goes down in flames it should be impossible to deny the reality that leftist Republicans don’t win elections, and even that morbid prospect is hollow when you realize that the establishment has never acknowledged the overwhelming evidence that already exists. No, the conservative wing of the Republican party must survive this election to either rebuild whatever is left of America after another Obama term or for a primary challenge-I’ll be damned if I see any Presidential reelections any time soon. So the only real options are either a conservative Governor, or someone from outside of current government. Of these options, a Governor is the best direction to go. But one must be careful here: sometimes the fact that a Governor is outspoken and Republican is mistaken for making that Governor a conservative. If, for example, you are thinking of Republicans near the Mason-Dixon line, you may be thinking of a good choice, but only if you are on the south side of it. Ask yourself, “is this guy everyone thinks is so conservative actively trying to keep coal out of his state” if you are assuming the answer is no, as many of you who think you’ve got the perfect pick are, check again, because you are wrong. Please don’t misunderstand, some amount of leftism is to be expected of Northeast Republicans: if we want to have any power in the region we must tolerate that, at least for now. But what is necessary there should stay there. We can continue to like those Republicans if they stay where their beliefs pass for conservative. All of you fans of a certain Republican governor may find you don’t like him as much as you thought you did when he is fighting for capn’trade as VP.

Now, I think I have given enough clues for the astute to discern which of two highly talked about prospects for the VP slot I am specifically trying to argue desperately against. But at this point, there is a disturbingly high chance that either of those choices is going to be the pick. The future of America is very bleak for the coming five years and I am seriously considering talking to one of those crazy libertarian groups about their artificial islands where they intend to establish capitalist paradises. It seems highly preferable to continuing to live in a country governed by anti-capitalists.

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For the Record

I haven’t been posting in a long time and I won’t be starting again for a while, but I have something I need to say. You may be hearing, if you’ve been listening to the radio lately (and perhaps TV?) ads by the Gingrich “super PAC” describing a site you should go to if you don’t like Romney. You might not have even known it was a Gingrich supporting ad; it doesn’t say so, but if you have been paying attention it’s not hard to figure out which organizations are supporting who. Anyway, the name of the site might sound familiar: it seems to have taken the same inspiration from a certain Reagan speech that inspired this blog’s name. Well I have to just say:

Don’t confuse the two sites! If you’ve gotten here because you were searching for the site but didn’t quite remember what it was called and this came up on the 200th or some Google page and you somehow missed the correct site…a who am I kidding? No chance you came across this site first is there?

Well, anyway, for the record, I am in no way affiliated with the Gingrich campaign or any campaign supporting PAC.

Oh, and in case people have been wondering, I haven’t been around because my computer suffered from a massive failure due to some serious malware problems. I had to salvage what I could and have it wiped clean. This took much longer than it should have because I couldn’t do it myself. Anyway, now that I have lost so much but got the computer running again…I am busy with school and stuff. So I will be returning in totality, eventually. But not for a while.

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Finally the Semester is Over

Well, I haven’t posted in quite some time. The semester at FAU was brutal, the work load near overwhelming. Well, it’s over now, and I’m off this summer! So I should be able to post more often again. And what do I have to say today? Hm, well, I guess I’ll start with the big news. Congratulations to the US military for finally getting Bin Laden! The American people are quite proud of you guys! Politically speaking, I have to say that I have no strong urge to politicize this achievement, but I think that it’s too late for that from what I have seen. On the one hand, the Administration has enthusiastically seized on this as proof of their national security policy’s superiority, and on the other hand we have those who would like to see credit given where it is due, that being to the previous Administration. The details of this story clearly are supporting the idea that the only “credit” Obama deserves is for making sure that we would have proof (which will be unavailable to world, totally defeating the purpose…) that we actually got Bin Laden. The success of this operation lies with the policies in place when we started into it, years ago under Bush. The intelligence that led to finding Bin Laden came from policies the current President opposed while he was running, some of which he nevertheless continued, but others he has at least tried to eliminate. So it is ridiculous to suggest this somehow vindicates Obama. On the contrary, it is Bush who is vindicated by this.

And now to talk about the other thing on my mind: The coming GOP primary race. Oh boy. What is there to say? I don’t see much promise out of the crowd out there. I think we’ve all had a good laugh at the idea of Donald Trump actually running, but fun’s over guys, we need people who have guts and brains, and Trump’s brain is only (sometimes) good for business, and nothing else. His entire platform consists of taxing Chinese imports. That’s horrifyingly idiotic. I wish more people would be willing to take on the president as boldly as he is (though preferably on matters more substantial than birther conspiracies) but have better ideas (and really almost all of them have better ideas). Is there anyone runner or possibly running that might be a good candidate? Um…hard to say, everybody has problems. I really don’t want anyone who already ran last time, so with that and the fact that Romney has the gall to refuse to disown his Massachusetts Healthcare program, I think he is definitely NOT a good pick. I’m surprised, honestly, that Newt Gingrich is really running, as I was fairly sure he would not. His support for ethanol subsidies, which WSJ has been pointing out fairly regularly, is deeply troubling, but this issue seems to be impossible to get around successfully. The last time we actually managed to nominate someone who opposed those subsidies, well, that was McCain…Mitch Daniels biggest obstacle may be is wife, but I haven’t got much else to say about him, I guess. Tim Pawlenty could stand to be a little bolder in criticizing potential rivals if you ask me. Here’s some probable good news. I like Herman Cain, but getting recognized will be a big obstacle for him (I disagree with the idea that lack of political experience will be a problem, considering that people presently have no love for the political class). If I’m forgetting anyone major I apologize. This whole pool of candidates is putting me to sleep, it’s so boring right now.  But I think anybody should be able to win in the election.

Um, I guess I haven’t got much else to say right now. See ya!

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Did I mention I’m Twenty?

Totally forgot to do a Birthday post yesterday. I’m a little under the weather lately, so I haven’t taken much time to write posts.

I’ll probably have a lot to say this weekend, though.

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Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

Enjoy the new year. It’ll be here soon enough.

I know I hope to.

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Back Again, Just In Time To Leave

There has been quite a lot to write about lately but…two things: The end of the summer semester was a big ramp up, so I was busy with that, and then, well, I’ve been on vacation for the past week. Unlike the President I only get the one vacation, and the Gulf (Naples, Fort Myers, and Sanibel, so not very far) was the first choice. Not to be to hard on the President, it’s just that you’d think he’d be working harder. Then again, given what happens when he does work, maybe it’s for the best. Still, if he is gonna take several vacations (his wife too) he could at least choose locations entirely in the US and particularly in the Gulf region. Well, whatever.

What other issues are there to talk about? Since the fall semester starts Monday, I won’t be posting much in the near future, either. Okay, um…Oh, the Federal Prosecutors really messed up that Blago case. I believe that he is definitely a pathological liar and probably guilty of most of the charges, although I confess this is not a carefully considered judgment. Well, they want to give it another go. You could, make the argument that continuing to pursue this case is a waste of money…You could, if your a Communist maybe! 😉

The JetBlue flight attendant (or as they might have said, um, steward..?) is a criminal, not a hero. I call um as I see um, and I’m sure many will disagree with me, but that matters not to me. If I worried about what people thought of my opinions, well, I would probably be too spineless to have any. Hey, I might be President some day if I do though! He liked to vote present you see…Okay, enough of the cheap shots at the Demander in Chief…there I go again…

The Mosque near Ground Zero has become a hot button issue. Many make the mistake of focusing on whether the argument centers on the right of private citizens to construct houses of worship on private property. Given that the Left, doesn’t care about property rights in almost any other context, that they are screaming about those rights in this context ought to give you some pause. Heck, Bobby Glibbs sounded like a son of the Confederacy, in the White House’s initial comments, [paraphrase] “It’s a local issue” (nothing else is, though….). The issue really is why people would want to build that house of worship there. The Imam behind the project (which had been called the Cordoba Initiative-back to that in a minute) has made statements which seriously make one question why anyone would consider him “moderate”. Actually, he just sounds like a typical Democrat politician. Of course, then again, as Bret Stephens pointed out, the media doesn’t seem to judge this issue well. However, I concede that there appears to be no legal recourse for those troubled by this. And I join others in wondering who Nancy Pelosi is talking about when she says that she and others want people opposed to the mosque to have their funding investigated. Of course, as usual, when people disagree with her, they must have been paid to do it (“astroturf” anyone?). Harry Reid and Governor Patterson are the most high profile Democrat opponents, but don’t be too impressed with Harry “My Son Won’t Use His Last Name and Obama has No N**** Dialect, Unless He Wants To” Reid…in the same press conference, we see the real reason…to help give him credibility to bash Republicans for opposing “benefits” for illegals who served on 9-11. Oh, I almost forgot, Cordoba was a city in Spain taken by the Moors, who built a mosque where the Church was, to show their conquest. Nice. I add to Ann Coulter’s famous suggestion “We should invade their countries, fill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity” a gem of my own “and after we’ve bombed Mecca, let’s have a “Grenada Initiative” and build an enormous Gay Bar where Abraham’s space rock was. It’s “outreach”. In case you can’t tell, I don’t care whose cage I rattle today.

The Fourteenth Amendment has come up in discussions lately. Lindsey Graham of all people thinks that we need to reconsider the birthright citizenship clause. As always, when The Southern Belle tries to do the right thing, he still manages to foul it up. No, we shouldn’t try and change the Fourteenth Amendment. We should need to. You see, in point of fact, the Republicans who created the Amendment anticipated the idea that birthright citizenship would be misapplied and given illegal aliens…well, actually, the main concern then was the Natives. Both in the language of the Amendment, and more explicitly in their statements, which convey intent, they made it so that, properly understood The Amendment would not be construed as applying to the Natives, to Aliens (legal too), and representatives of Foreign Governments. In terms of the text the full clause is:

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

The key, in the text, is the phrase “subject to the jurisdiction thereof”. Those who have entered into the country in violation of our immigration laws who are not “documented” cannot be subject to the jurisdiction of the US, they are still, legally, nationals of their country of origin. Senator Jacob Howard of Ohio authored the clause, and had this to say “Indians born within the limits of the United States, and who maintain their tribal relations, are not, in the sense of this amendment, born subject to the jurisdiction of the United States.”, and Senator Lyman Trumbull, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee added that “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” was to be understood to mean  “not owing allegiance to anybody else…subject to the complete jurisdiction of the United States. So the the clause “will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the Government of the United States”. There is quite a lot more that could be said about this, but at the moment I will let those words speak for themselves, only adding that an Originalist interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment clearly does not support the notion of automatic citizenship for the children of illegal aliens. Unfortunately, this is not the practice of the current Federal government. But a lot of current Government policies are just totally wrong, so this is not shocking.

There is a lot else I could mention, but I have spoken about that which truly makes me want to speak up. A lot of other stuff is just not that interesting right now. See you all, um, at some later date…

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God Bless America!

Happy Independence Day my fellow Americans!

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Notice anything different?

I have neither time nor the energy to manage a blog’s comments, it turns out. Since I still enjoy writing about this stuff, I’ll continue. I want to apologize to those readers who like to comment here, but I can’t allow comments anymore-it’s just to much work and some attempted commenters have been rude. I’ve also discovered that when digging through the filter, I have a hard time distinguishing legitimate comments from clever spam. I did and still do enjoy fruitful discussions with some of you, but I think it’s best that be done on other blogs now. (By the way Andy, I can’t comment on your blog anymore either 😛 – 😉 ) If you really must contact me, I’m putting an email account of mine on the About page. I very rarely check said account at the moment, but I’ll try and check more frequently if many deem it important. But don’t swamp me with “Bring back the comments!” I’ve kinda made up my mind.

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I’ve decided to write a book

All the cool kids are doing it. I’m going to call it The Individualist Manifesto: The Dignity of Man and the Tyranny of the Collective. Discuss.


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