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I am officially endorsing the McCain Palin campaign. I was not planning on giving support to McCain, and I still would have prefered a different candidate, but his choice of the Alaska Governor was pretty much a godsend. She has been endorsed by some of NRO’s Planet Gore contributors (all? I don’t know). She is young (relative to McCain, which is pretty easy, I admit), female, conservative, and a Governor. She’s a Washington outsider, she is a last minute dark horse, meaning that the Obama campaign doesn’t have a huge file of crap (emphasis on crap) to use against her yet. In short, she is everything McCain is not. Geraldine Ferraro is excited that girls will be able to believe in themselves again, and perhaps those disgruntled Hillary supporters will be more solidly cemented into voting for McCain now. She is perhaps his single best possible pick he could have made, and his best chance to win.

I, Andrew of the Time to Choose Again blog, Rush baby, Reagan fan, Official member of the Right Wing Pajama Brigade, and all around Conservative guy, do hereby pledge my allegiance and support for the McCain-Palin campaign.

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