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Happy 4th!

Hope everyone out there had a good Independence Day! God bless America.


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Like a Root Canal

CNN’s Republican “Debate” is excruciating as usual. Part interrogation part mockery. The brightest spots are when the candidates don’t just put up with BS from the  “moderators”. More thoughts later.

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Finally the Semester is Over

Well, I haven’t posted in quite some time. The semester at FAU was brutal, the work load near overwhelming. Well, it’s over now, and I’m off this summer! So I should be able to post more often again. And what do I have to say today? Hm, well, I guess I’ll start with the big news. Congratulations to the US military for finally getting Bin Laden! The American people are quite proud of you guys! Politically speaking, I have to say that I have no strong urge to politicize this achievement, but I think that it’s too late for that from what I have seen. On the one hand, the Administration has enthusiastically seized on this as proof of their national security policy’s superiority, and on the other hand we have those who would like to see credit given where it is due, that being to the previous Administration. The details of this story clearly are supporting the idea that the only “credit” Obama deserves is for making sure that we would have proof (which will be unavailable to world, totally defeating the purpose…) that we actually got Bin Laden. The success of this operation lies with the policies in place when we started into it, years ago under Bush. The intelligence that led to finding Bin Laden came from policies the current President opposed while he was running, some of which he nevertheless continued, but others he has at least tried to eliminate. So it is ridiculous to suggest this somehow vindicates Obama. On the contrary, it is Bush who is vindicated by this.

And now to talk about the other thing on my mind: The coming GOP primary race. Oh boy. What is there to say? I don’t see much promise out of the crowd out there. I think we’ve all had a good laugh at the idea of Donald Trump actually running, but fun’s over guys, we need people who have guts and brains, and Trump’s brain is only (sometimes) good for business, and nothing else. His entire platform consists of taxing Chinese imports. That’s horrifyingly idiotic. I wish more people would be willing to take on the president as boldly as he is (though preferably on matters more substantial than birther conspiracies) but have better ideas (and really almost all of them have better ideas). Is there anyone runner or possibly running that might be a good candidate? Um…hard to say, everybody has problems. I really don’t want anyone who already ran last time, so with that and the fact that Romney has the gall to refuse to disown his Massachusetts Healthcare program, I think he is definitely NOT a good pick. I’m surprised, honestly, that Newt Gingrich is really running, as I was fairly sure he would not. His support for ethanol subsidies, which WSJ has been pointing out fairly regularly, is deeply troubling, but this issue seems to be impossible to get around successfully. The last time we actually managed to nominate someone who opposed those subsidies, well, that was McCain…Mitch Daniels biggest obstacle may be is wife, but I haven’t got much else to say about him, I guess. Tim Pawlenty could stand to be a little bolder in criticizing potential rivals if you ask me. Here’s some probable good news. I like Herman Cain, but getting recognized will be a big obstacle for him (I disagree with the idea that lack of political experience will be a problem, considering that people presently have no love for the political class). If I’m forgetting anyone major I apologize. This whole pool of candidates is putting me to sleep, it’s so boring right now.  But I think anybody should be able to win in the election.

Um, I guess I haven’t got much else to say right now. See ya!

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Eaten Lunch

(Not to be confused with the W S Burroughs novel)

The Southern Bell has put it unusually well:

“When it’s all going to be said and done, Harry Reid has eaten our lunch…This has been a capitulation in two weeks of dramatic proportions of policies that wouldn’t have passed in the new Congress.”

How poignant. A rather nice way of saying that the GOP has utterly and completely dropped the ball during the lame duck session. The reinforcements don’t arrive until January, but we had to count on the GOP to hold the line until then. It seems to me that they have failed to do so in almost every way. DADT should have been extended to forbidden open straightness instead of eliminated-which would be both fair and would prevent sexuality from become a distraction from the mission. The Republicans utterly failed to stop it and now Barney Frank doesn’t seem to think that there is anything wrong with gays in the same showers as straights, even though he apparently does see that men and women shouldn’t shower together (HOW IS THAT NOT THE SAME THING??????) no serious, he actually has said that. The START treaty actually got a bunch of Republicans on board, even though it is blatantly going to be unilateral disarmament, even though the “verification regime” that Obama says it is needed to create IS A COMPLETE FICTION and even though the Russians have made it quite clear that they believe it limits our ability to develop missile defense. And why did Republicans unnecessarily capitulate on the “tax deal”? It should have been simple. Their mission was nothing but stall until reinforcements arrived. They failed. Some of them seemed to fail on purpose. The establishment GOP doesn’t want to stick it’s neck out and say they hope Obama fails, maybe because what they really want to say is “I hope we fail.” These mistakes won’t be possible to undo for two more years! Sigh…

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Already Messing Up

In January, the new Congress will come in, and Republicans will have control of the House of Representatives. But before that even happens, the GOP is preparing for their new, more powerful role in the Federal government. Unfortunately, based on what they are doing so far, it looks like they are not serious about their limited government mandate. They have decided not to waive the term limit on being committee chair for Energy and Commerce for Joe Barton of Texas, which in and of itself is not a bad thing, except who they are replacing him with is, well, horrifying. Fred Upton of Michigan is, in fact, the man behind the Light Bulb Ban (the Corporation behind the ban is, ironically, General Electric) and is just about the absolute worst choice they could make. And yet that is who they have named as the man they want to put in charge. Equally disturbing is the choice of Hal Rogers of Kentucky to head the Appropriations committee-they have just put an Earmark master in charge of deciding how money will be spent, essentially, in the new Congress. So much for the ban…

What the heck are the Republicans thinking? Are they under the impression that they have trust among us left to squander? Do they even believe in what they claim to stand for? These picks are not finalized yet, AFAIK, but they are almost inevitable. I have scarcely been so disappointed in my life.

On the tax “compromise” I have to say, I’m utterly baffled. Obama believes he is in a position to be making demands, and to insult and spit in the face of the GOP even as he claims to be seeking peace. He continues to remind people of how horrible the Republicans are, how they have forced him into this compromise which he deep down finds abhorrent. He keeps going on with all the same old class warfare crap. All this when he would get, if the Republicans stupidly agree to this monstrosity, an unfunded extension of unemployment benefits out to a grand total of THREE YEARS, already near two years now. All this when he is insisting on the return of the Estate-AKA Death-tax, albeit at lower rates than it would come back if nothing is done-in other words he is insisting that there be SOME tax increase!!! When he will be moving revenue out of the Social Security funds straight into the general revenue by cutting payroll taxes (not that they wouldn’t just raid Social Security as if it was not supposed to be separate funds anyway…). Obama gets so much out of this deal, and Republicans so little, you’d think that they must have lost the last election, instead of the other way around. This whole business makes so little sense, the Republicans are probably best to refuse this deal and tell Obama that he doesn’t get to make demands anymore. Much like Obama’s attitude after the 2008 election. I want to hear the GOP go up to Obama and throw his own words back at him:

We Won

Get over it.

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TSA Redux

Remember my TSA experience? I just thought it was useful to bring it up, given recent increasing asininity from the TSA (“for our own good” you know) which is now aggressively violating people’s fundamental right to not be sexually assaulted. But they can do it, and say it isn’t what it is, because they are the Government and they’re here to help.

I also never commented on our elections here in Florida, or the great results nationwide. Needless to say, there is a lot I would like to say, but won’t right now. About other things, too, not just the elections. See you later folks, and around Christmas time I’ll post “regularly” again.

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Back Again, Just In Time To Leave

There has been quite a lot to write about lately but…two things: The end of the summer semester was a big ramp up, so I was busy with that, and then, well, I’ve been on vacation for the past week. Unlike the President I only get the one vacation, and the Gulf (Naples, Fort Myers, and Sanibel, so not very far) was the first choice. Not to be to hard on the President, it’s just that you’d think he’d be working harder. Then again, given what happens when he does work, maybe it’s for the best. Still, if he is gonna take several vacations (his wife too) he could at least choose locations entirely in the US and particularly in the Gulf region. Well, whatever.

What other issues are there to talk about? Since the fall semester starts Monday, I won’t be posting much in the near future, either. Okay, um…Oh, the Federal Prosecutors really messed up that Blago case. I believe that he is definitely a pathological liar and probably guilty of most of the charges, although I confess this is not a carefully considered judgment. Well, they want to give it another go. You could, make the argument that continuing to pursue this case is a waste of money…You could, if your a Communist maybe! 😉

The JetBlue flight attendant (or as they might have said, um, steward..?) is a criminal, not a hero. I call um as I see um, and I’m sure many will disagree with me, but that matters not to me. If I worried about what people thought of my opinions, well, I would probably be too spineless to have any. Hey, I might be President some day if I do though! He liked to vote present you see…Okay, enough of the cheap shots at the Demander in Chief…there I go again…

The Mosque near Ground Zero has become a hot button issue. Many make the mistake of focusing on whether the argument centers on the right of private citizens to construct houses of worship on private property. Given that the Left, doesn’t care about property rights in almost any other context, that they are screaming about those rights in this context ought to give you some pause. Heck, Bobby Glibbs sounded like a son of the Confederacy, in the White House’s initial comments, [paraphrase] “It’s a local issue” (nothing else is, though….). The issue really is why people would want to build that house of worship there. The Imam behind the project (which had been called the Cordoba Initiative-back to that in a minute) has made statements which seriously make one question why anyone would consider him “moderate”. Actually, he just sounds like a typical Democrat politician. Of course, then again, as Bret Stephens pointed out, the media doesn’t seem to judge this issue well. However, I concede that there appears to be no legal recourse for those troubled by this. And I join others in wondering who Nancy Pelosi is talking about when she says that she and others want people opposed to the mosque to have their funding investigated. Of course, as usual, when people disagree with her, they must have been paid to do it (“astroturf” anyone?). Harry Reid and Governor Patterson are the most high profile Democrat opponents, but don’t be too impressed with Harry “My Son Won’t Use His Last Name and Obama has No N**** Dialect, Unless He Wants To” Reid…in the same press conference, we see the real reason…to help give him credibility to bash Republicans for opposing “benefits” for illegals who served on 9-11. Oh, I almost forgot, Cordoba was a city in Spain taken by the Moors, who built a mosque where the Church was, to show their conquest. Nice. I add to Ann Coulter’s famous suggestion “We should invade their countries, fill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity” a gem of my own “and after we’ve bombed Mecca, let’s have a “Grenada Initiative” and build an enormous Gay Bar where Abraham’s space rock was. It’s “outreach”. In case you can’t tell, I don’t care whose cage I rattle today.

The Fourteenth Amendment has come up in discussions lately. Lindsey Graham of all people thinks that we need to reconsider the birthright citizenship clause. As always, when The Southern Belle tries to do the right thing, he still manages to foul it up. No, we shouldn’t try and change the Fourteenth Amendment. We should need to. You see, in point of fact, the Republicans who created the Amendment anticipated the idea that birthright citizenship would be misapplied and given illegal aliens…well, actually, the main concern then was the Natives. Both in the language of the Amendment, and more explicitly in their statements, which convey intent, they made it so that, properly understood The Amendment would not be construed as applying to the Natives, to Aliens (legal too), and representatives of Foreign Governments. In terms of the text the full clause is:

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

The key, in the text, is the phrase “subject to the jurisdiction thereof”. Those who have entered into the country in violation of our immigration laws who are not “documented” cannot be subject to the jurisdiction of the US, they are still, legally, nationals of their country of origin. Senator Jacob Howard of Ohio authored the clause, and had this to say “Indians born within the limits of the United States, and who maintain their tribal relations, are not, in the sense of this amendment, born subject to the jurisdiction of the United States.”, and Senator Lyman Trumbull, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee added that “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” was to be understood to mean  “not owing allegiance to anybody else…subject to the complete jurisdiction of the United States. So the the clause “will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the Government of the United States”. There is quite a lot more that could be said about this, but at the moment I will let those words speak for themselves, only adding that an Originalist interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment clearly does not support the notion of automatic citizenship for the children of illegal aliens. Unfortunately, this is not the practice of the current Federal government. But a lot of current Government policies are just totally wrong, so this is not shocking.

There is a lot else I could mention, but I have spoken about that which truly makes me want to speak up. A lot of other stuff is just not that interesting right now. See you all, um, at some later date…

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