For the Record

I haven’t been posting in a long time and I won’t be starting again for a while, but I have something I need to say. You may be hearing, if you’ve been listening to the radio lately (and perhaps TV?) ads by the Gingrich “super PAC” describing a site you should go to if you don’t like Romney. You might not have even known it was a Gingrich supporting ad; it doesn’t say so, but if you have been paying attention it’s not hard to figure out which organizations are supporting who. Anyway, the name of the site might sound familiar: it seems to have taken the same inspiration from a certain Reagan speech that inspired this blog’s name. Well I have to just say:

Don’t confuse the two sites! If you’ve gotten here because you were searching for the site but didn’t quite remember what it was called and this came up on the 200th or some Google page and you somehow missed the correct site…a who am I kidding? No chance you came across this site first is there?

Well, anyway, for the record, I am in no way affiliated with the Gingrich campaign or any campaign supporting PAC.

Oh, and in case people have been wondering, I haven’t been around because my computer suffered from a massive failure due to some serious malware problems. I had to salvage what I could and have it wiped clean. This took much longer than it should have because I couldn’t do it myself. Anyway, now that I have lost so much but got the computer running again…I am busy with school and stuff. So I will be returning in totality, eventually. But not for a while.


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