Finally the Semester is Over

Well, I haven’t posted in quite some time. The semester at FAU was brutal, the work load near overwhelming. Well, it’s over now, and I’m off this summer! So I should be able to post more often again. And what do I have to say today? Hm, well, I guess I’ll start with the big news. Congratulations to the US military for finally getting Bin Laden! The American people are quite proud of you guys! Politically speaking, I have to say that I have no strong urge to politicize this achievement, but I think that it’s too late for that from what I have seen. On the one hand, the Administration has enthusiastically seized on this as proof of their national security policy’s superiority, and on the other hand we have those who would like to see credit given where it is due, that being to the previous Administration. The details of this story clearly are supporting the idea that the only “credit” Obama deserves is for making sure that we would have proof (which will be unavailable to world, totally defeating the purpose…) that we actually got Bin Laden. The success of this operation lies with the policies in place when we started into it, years ago under Bush. The intelligence that led to finding Bin Laden came from policies the current President opposed while he was running, some of which he nevertheless continued, but others he has at least tried to eliminate. So it is ridiculous to suggest this somehow vindicates Obama. On the contrary, it is Bush who is vindicated by this.

And now to talk about the other thing on my mind: The coming GOP primary race. Oh boy. What is there to say? I don’t see much promise out of the crowd out there. I think we’ve all had a good laugh at the idea of Donald Trump actually running, but fun’s over guys, we need people who have guts and brains, and Trump’s brain is only (sometimes) good for business, and nothing else. His entire platform consists of taxing Chinese imports. That’s horrifyingly idiotic. I wish more people would be willing to take on the president as boldly as he is (though preferably on matters more substantial than birther conspiracies) but have better ideas (and really almost all of them have better ideas). Is there anyone runner or possibly running that might be a good candidate? Um…hard to say, everybody has problems. I really don’t want anyone who already ran last time, so with that and the fact that Romney has the gall to refuse to disown his Massachusetts Healthcare program, I think he is definitely NOT a good pick. I’m surprised, honestly, that Newt Gingrich is really running, as I was fairly sure he would not. His support for ethanol subsidies, which WSJ has been pointing out fairly regularly, is deeply troubling, but this issue seems to be impossible to get around successfully. The last time we actually managed to nominate someone who opposed those subsidies, well, that was McCain…Mitch Daniels biggest obstacle may be is wife, but I haven’t got much else to say about him, I guess. Tim Pawlenty could stand to be a little bolder in criticizing potential rivals if you ask me. Here’s some probable good news. I like Herman Cain, but getting recognized will be a big obstacle for him (I disagree with the idea that lack of political experience will be a problem, considering that people presently have no love for the political class). If I’m forgetting anyone major I apologize. This whole pool of candidates is putting me to sleep, it’s so boring right now.  But I think anybody should be able to win in the election.

Um, I guess I haven’t got much else to say right now. See ya!

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