Already Messing Up

In January, the new Congress will come in, and Republicans will have control of the House of Representatives. But before that even happens, the GOP is preparing for their new, more powerful role in the Federal government. Unfortunately, based on what they are doing so far, it looks like they are not serious about their limited government mandate. They have decided not to waive the term limit on being committee chair for Energy and Commerce for Joe Barton of Texas, which in and of itself is not a bad thing, except who they are replacing him with is, well, horrifying. Fred Upton of Michigan is, in fact, the man behind the Light Bulb Ban (the Corporation behind the ban is, ironically, General Electric) and is just about the absolute worst choice they could make. And yet that is who they have named as the man they want to put in charge. Equally disturbing is the choice of Hal Rogers of Kentucky to head the Appropriations committee-they have just put an Earmark master in charge of deciding how money will be spent, essentially, in the new Congress. So much for the ban…

What the heck are the Republicans thinking? Are they under the impression that they have trust among us left to squander? Do they even believe in what they claim to stand for? These picks are not finalized yet, AFAIK, but they are almost inevitable. I have scarcely been so disappointed in my life.

On the tax “compromise” I have to say, I’m utterly baffled. Obama believes he is in a position to be making demands, and to insult and spit in the face of the GOP even as he claims to be seeking peace. He continues to remind people of how horrible the Republicans are, how they have forced him into this compromise which he deep down finds abhorrent. He keeps going on with all the same old class warfare crap. All this when he would get, if the Republicans stupidly agree to this monstrosity, an unfunded extension of unemployment benefits out to a grand total of THREE YEARS, already near two years now. All this when he is insisting on the return of the Estate-AKA Death-tax, albeit at lower rates than it would come back if nothing is done-in other words he is insisting that there be SOME tax increase!!! When he will be moving revenue out of the Social Security funds straight into the general revenue by cutting payroll taxes (not that they wouldn’t just raid Social Security as if it was not supposed to be separate funds anyway…). Obama gets so much out of this deal, and Republicans so little, you’d think that they must have lost the last election, instead of the other way around. This whole business makes so little sense, the Republicans are probably best to refuse this deal and tell Obama that he doesn’t get to make demands anymore. Much like Obama’s attitude after the 2008 election. I want to hear the GOP go up to Obama and throw his own words back at him:

We Won

Get over it.


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