Get Out Of The Way

It has always been my position that the Federal government’s assertion of broad authority in various areas leads to inhibition of the ability of the private sector and state and local governments to solve problems in a manner more effective and efficient than the Feds ever could. The proof of this is sometimes more visible than others, though. I hardly even need, I hope, to say that the obstacles that keep getting thrown at Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal by the bureaucracy and the authority of the federal government in his efforts to save his state from being completely devastated by the oil spill are a prime example of this. The Coast Guard, for mysterious reasons, stopped oil sucking barges for over a day, when they could have sucked up very large amounts of oil. Last time I checked, all that is standing in the way of international help in dealing with this mess, is a Wilsonian protectionist piece of paper, that could be waived easily. The Administration has waited a long time to even claim to think 0f doing so-doubtless because Obama is very beholden to Unions, who don’t it lifted even temporarily. The solution of the Federal Government so far seems to be, get in everyone’s way, while telling them we are going to not do any drilling until we sort this out (all the while taking your sweet time trying to do so), take the opportunity to spew invective against oil companies and capitalism in general, do some more getting in people’s way, then tell them this is why we need to pass Capn’ Trade.

I haven’t even said all the bad things the Federal government has done to make a bad situation, an impossibly bad situation. I didn’t mention that they didn’t let people drill in shallow water were disasters like this would be much less likely and easier to fix. I didn’t mention how they wouldn’t let Jindal construct barriers to protect his State’s coasts.

But in other crazy news that proves that the world is going to hell in a hand-basket: People are obsessed with Soccer all of a sudden. But soccer is stupid. You can officially tie in soccer. Lame. Putin says he has a better fighter jet than us-are we gonna take that laying down?

The good news? El Presidente has never been less popular.

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