What’s So Hard About This Idea?

I have to say I’m getting pretty annoyed as I watch national political pundits on the Newz explain why they think that their preferred outcome of a Republican primary race should happen, when they are not residents of the state in question. It’s pretty friggin’ obnoxious. Here’s a thought for the GOP pundits in particular-shut up and support the nominee when the primary is over. And if you really can’t bring yourself to do so, maybe you should re-evaluate your status as a pundit, because it seems like your just pissy that you can’t get your way.

And I say this to be infuriated both at people who support the Pauls and Hayworths, and the supporters of the McCains and what’s-his-names. If you don’t live in, say, Arizona or Kentucky, those primary races are none of your business. If you don’t like the kind of Republicans that the GOP of those states want, perhaps you should focus on getting the kind of Republicans you like in your state. And perhaps you should think about engaging the people of those states in a respectful manner that doesn’t imply that you just know better than they do.


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