My TSA Experience

Given the recent Christmas Terrorism attempt, I thought I’d relate a recent experience I’ve had with airport security.

See, a couple years ago, I went with my family on summer vacation to the San Francisco area. We went to Yosemite, we toured the foggy city, etc. (You know, there aren’t as many gays there as Asians. The media is very misleading about this fact). I could tell you alot about the vacation itself, but I thought I’d tell you about what happened at SFIA instead.

As we were going through the the metal detectors, my 70 year old Grandmother-a white Catholic, in case you are wondering-gets pulled aside for a strip search. Why? Because she has a hip replacement. And what happens to the next people in line? Their grandfather gets pulled aside. Because of his pacemaker. Meanwhile, terrorists aren’t even using metal bombs or weapons anymore.

My how asinine!

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