Democrat Gatekeeping

It’s not just for environmental science anymore-in case you hadn’t noticed Dems have a new tactic in the Health care debate-they are acting as the gate keepers. And it’s not to hard either. Republicans aren’t in a position to do any legislating, so it is very easy to paint them as opposed to any change from the Health care status quo-Republican leaders seem to have dropped off the face of the Earth in this debate. I’ve said before that there are problems with the present system (problems chiefly created by liberals) which can be fixed-but not the Obamacare way.

Anyone who dares offer an alternative-like Whole Foods CEO the Veg Libertarian John Mackey-must be destroy, for fear that the gates will open and dissent will flood in. Anyone who dares mention that we could reduce costs substantially through tort reform will not be listened to. Anyone who suggests that it is perverse to subsidize employer provided health care while insisting that we must replace the same with Obamacare-shut up. Anyone who dares mention that competition could be increased substantially if insurance could be bought across state lines-nobody cares what you think. Stuff it.

But this tactic is backfiring. You see, not facing any substantial Republican opposition, Democrats thought they could ram through their dream health care plan-complete with a “public option” to squeeze the private sector out, followed by total and complete control of every aspect of our lives that might be connected to the cost of care, not to mention rationing etc. etc….-they were wrong. Now they are forced into fighting not Republicans, but the American people! People are standing up for their liberty, for the limited government created by our Founders, and standing against the leviathan. There is no opposition party of any effective degree. WE THE PEOPLE are the opposition to a tyrannical government. They will regret making enemies of voters. This Constitutional Republic, if not looking much like either, is still small d-democratic. When you call your constituents an unruly mob, when you respond to their concerns with open contempt, they will bite back-not with arms but at the ballot box. The next election is going to be interesting. The flood gates will open-what will the tide coming in look like?


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