One crazy world…

News round-up time!

So Obama is more Catholic than Pope Benedict? That would be surprising, given that he isn’t even a Catholic. And he’s pro-abortion-radically so. But then, Miz Townsend speaks of leading American Catholics. The thing is, with such exemplars as Ted Kennedy and other left-democrats, America’s Catholics aren’t very, er, Catholic. Not that us non-practicing types care. But it’s kinda funny to hear such silly things come out of liberal mouths.

John Holdren, Obama’s science advisor and typical enviro-whacko is-or used to be at any rate-a totalitarian eugenicist. This shouldn’t be so surprising and I’ actually puzzled no one mentioned this earlier. I think I’ve talked about this kook before, but just in case I haven’t

This gives me an idea-Bush-Cheney ’12. No, not Dubya-there’s that danged amendment after all! 😉 I’m talking about Jeb. I know, I know. Impossible. But I can dream…

Scientist once again do careful research to discover the obvious.

What a panzy that Southern Bell is.

Obama’s down to -8.

Some good poll results on Healthcare.

That wacky Alcee Hastings wants to lock us up. So Woodrow…

And finally (not because I’ve covered everything, but because I’m out of energy)…double standards.


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