Notice anything different?

I have neither time nor the energy to manage a blog’s comments, it turns out. Since I still enjoy writing about this stuff, I’ll continue. I want to apologize to those readers who like to comment here, but I can’t allow comments anymore-it’s just to much work and some attempted commenters have been rude. I’ve also discovered that when digging through the filter, I have a hard time distinguishing legitimate comments from clever spam. I did and still do enjoy fruitful discussions with some of you, but I think it’s best that be done on other blogs now. (By the way Andy, I can’t comment on your blog anymore either 😛 – 😉 ) If you really must contact me, I’m putting an email account of mine on the About page. I very rarely check said account at the moment, but I’ll try and check more frequently if many deem it important. But don’t swamp me with “Bring back the comments!” I’ve kinda made up my mind.


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