The World’s Revolting…

Sure seems that way. There’s Iran of course and now:



In Argentina (get your minds out of the gutter pervs) The center-left leader is losing allies in mid term elections.


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3 responses to “The World’s Revolting…

  1. Buenos tardes!

    Yes Andrew. The world is revolting! I guess, as an American, I fall prey to the provincial folly of “nobody else matters except US” thing.

    Aside from the Venezuela/Chavez news, I get little else from South America. The Argentine chick is really worth a look, and it is hard to focus on Honduras. But I do know that what happens in my/our hemisphere is serious business.

    From what I read in these articles, it seems that leftist policies are being rejected in South America. I am assuming that it should give me hope that Chavez will one day fall to a military coup, or be rejected by his voters (like they are going to have a REAL election if it gets sticky for Hugo…nyuk!). I guess we will see.

    This post made me realize just how little I really know about South America…as opposed to Europe, and Asia. Guess I’d better study up…

  2. timetochooseagain

    Given the seeming inevitability of the collapse of European civilization, that probably is a good idea…

  3. I don’t have much hope for South America in the short term – maybe in the long term? They have too large a peasant class and not enough middle class and peasants are always revolting.

    Actually Honduras has a larger Protestant middle class than Catholic/pagan peasants compared with other Central American nations such as Nicaragua and El Salvador.