The Fix is in…

Eight SOB Republicans vote for Capn’Trade. Dumbasses.

Who are these people? I want to see them eviscerated.

…Er, verbally and politically of course.

EDIT: I have a humble suggestion: Find out who the 8 GOP were. If you live in their district, please personally challenge them in the next election they are up for. WE NEED TO TAKE THEM DOWN. I will support you whole-heartedly.

EDIT: Got it, here are the GOP who have betrayed us all:

  1. Bono Mack
  2. Castle
  3. Kirk
  4. Lance
  5. LoBiondo
  6. McHugh
  7. Reichert
  8. Smith (NJ)

The important thing right now: Double-no-TRIPLE your efforts to defeat this thing in the Senate!



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2 responses to “The Fix is in…

  1. Andrew, we have a chance here in Louisiana. Our Democrat Senator Landrieu is one that might resist it. It’s gonna be close, but we’ve got a shot with her.

    I’d also have some heart about the Sens. from Arkansas, & the Dem. from Alaska.

    We’ll see.

  2. timetochooseagain

    I’m gonna push Nelson, but I doubt he will vote against it.