Uh, so, yeah, I’m not dead.

I’ve been caught up with some crazy stuff lately. So apparently in the crazy left wing world all is not well. You see while they march forward with their plan to centrally plan medical care, it turns out that more people identify themselves as conservative than any other group. Well, whatever, it doesn’t matter because we are heading for so much crazy stuff at this point it doesn’t matter. Um, hm, was that circular reasoning? Whatever.

So what else is new? Obama has gone to lecture the doctors. He has so much to teach them about medicine you see.

The WEGGAHHHS!!!!!!! are on vacation. GHW Bush proves that in addition to being able to jump out of a plane, he can still understand what his own son too often forgot.

Election controversy…and this time it has nothing to do with your humble correspondent’s stupid neighbors.

North Korean is batshit crazy. What else is new?

Oh all the world is a crazy crazy mess. Enjoy.



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2 responses to “Uh, so, yeah, I’m not dead.

  1. Andrew, glad you’re still vertical…was wondering.

    I often think that things are not any crazier in the world than they have always been. We just have so much more knowledge of it than we ever did.

    Naaa…the world is crazier.

    I have just got to believe that there must be some subversive “One Korea” types operating in the North. After 50+ years of this crap, many agents must have been recruited. This kind of thing is impossible for us to understand. Most of them have brothers, cousins, etc. in the South. Of course, their complete godlessness could make that all meaningless. But I hold out hope that the North will fall before Kim (or whoever the current maniac in control is) pushes the button.

    That’s really the only HOPE. The UN, and the US are obviously not going to do anything to stop them. 16 years of Clinton & Bush had absolutely “zero” impact. Why would anyone think Bozobama will be any different?

  2. timetochooseagain

    Hopefully something does happen before the seemingly inevitable meltdown. Right now things are looking increasingly bleak.