An Ironic Wind?

Get this everyone-wind power is doomed because Global Warming (hey, it must be summer at last!) is slowing the wind. Wow. That AGW is pretty powerful stuff. Pass that hit man. My god. That is one great high (temperature).

EDIT: See also a great piece on WCR about sulfate aerosol impacts-recent papers suggest their dissipation was attenuating AGW during the nineties, but has since stopped. Therefore, in the period where their influence has not been affecting temperatures, we should see the true effect of GHG’s-unfortunately that effect would appear to be so small it is lost in the natural noise.



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2 responses to “An Ironic Wind?

  1. Dang Andrew! It really ticks me off that global warming is gonna do in the Loch Ness Monster…and the Maple Syrup Festival. Those evil carbonites…bastards…

  2. timetochooseagain

    Yeah, poor Nessy…she never stood a chance.