The anti-science left

The left sometimes asserts that while the right is “anti-science” they are “pro-science”. This is absurd but a popular thesis nonetheless. The reasoning works thusly-“The right denies global warming and evolution, which the holy fathers of science have given us as proof that capitalism sux and there is no god-moreover, they think that morals as well as science have a place in discussions of stem cell research! Plus they hate the environment and think that studying bear DNA is not worth millions in taxpayer funds! Unbelievable!”-I’ll grant you that no whacko makes themselves sound that stupid. But my snark is irrelevant. Put aside the fact that many on the right do not question evolution (including myself), or that whacko leftist of yesteryear William Jennings Bryan was a creationist-or the fact that evolution is only incompatible with religion if one is either a fundamentalist or a fundamentalist atheist and reality is what you say it is. Ignore that the science of AGW wouldn’t imply a need for government action even if it did point to catastrophe (which it presently doesn’t). Why isn’t the left anti-science with it’s homeopathic medicine nonsense? With the environmentalist opposition to genetically modified organisms? How about the belief that scientific results have political implications? I could go on, but why bother? The marketing campaign effort to label the right as “anti-science” blocks rational thought. There is no reasoning with people who come up with this garbage, because it originates in their minds not from rational thought but partisan hate. It is nonsensical, but that doesn’t matter.


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