Georgia on my mind…

Okay, fill-in time. So I’ve been in North Carolina. And now I’m in Georgia. So I’m all over the place.

And now for the rant. In North Carolina (we stayed at my dad’s rich boss’ summer house in Beech Mountain-which is near a little town called Banner Elk, which is riiiight on the Tennessee border.) I saw a bunch of political ads for the Virginia gubenatorial race. Okay, yeah, it’s none of my business-except that one of the Dem’s running is (gag) Terry McAuliffe. Actually, it seems that the Dem is the only contender who’s identity is in doubt. The GOP nominee is pretty much determined, apparently. It’s Bob McDonnell. And, frankly, he sounds frickin’ awesome. And it’s about damn time Virginia proved it’s not down for the count Blue yet. Polls so far look promising.



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2 responses to “Georgia on my mind…

  1. Andrew, don’t you just love traveling?

    Thanks for the report from the front lines. I did not know that the punk was running for Goober. And, the polling does look very promising.

    McAuliffe is very off-putting. Sort of an Eddie Haskell type. Goobers are most often elected on their personal presence. The R’s might take this one.

    Keep us updated on your Summer shenanigans.

  2. timetochooseagain

    Thanks Andy. I’m back home again, now. And traveling is fun. I do have hope that the GOP can take this one-Terry is creepy as hell, in addition to being a Clintonian liberal.