Stupid Reasons to Support Legalization

A bizarre meme has entered the drug/prostitution/gambling legalization debate. The  notion is “We should make this icky stuff legal because we can tax it”. Well, I don’t like this. As a libertarian/conservative, while I dislike such things I do favor the idea of legalization of many if not all of these things. It is none of the government’s damn business. But tax revenue is a dumb reason to support legalization. It essentially amounts to saying “Let’s help the government expand into Health Care, Carbon Regulation, and other socialist bullcrap by giving them tax revenue from sinful icky gambling/drugs/etc.”

I can’t support such useful idiocy. Just say no to Pot taxes.



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4 responses to “Stupid Reasons to Support Legalization

  1. One of the few times I disagree with you, Andrew. I really don’t mind “sin taxes” on cigarets, booze, drugs, gambling and whoring. Now if only we could replace income taxes with sin taxes.

  2. timetochooseagain

    Well, if we could eliminate the income tax I’d support almost any alternative…

  3. Adam Allpow

    Well Andrew, I know you find me frustrating. I don’t want to start some sort of inter-blogging flame war here. But I came across your blog because you linked it in your name on MasterResource.

    Perhaps a solution to both not taxing marijuana and abolishing the incoming tax (both things I would support) could be found in curbing our overseas operations. Our war on terror is costing us terribly, in both life and cash. Also, our bases in foreign countries cost a fortune to maintain.

    Perhaps we see eye-to-eye on that?

  4. timetochooseagain

    You might think so, but you’d be wrong. Sorry I went off on you but it’s hard to remain calm sometimes. I think I misjudged you, so sorry about that to.

    Now let’s see if I can respond. Well, the thing is that the realm of defense and foreign policy is one of the few areas in which I think government has a role to play. I think the tremendous benefits of a freer world will, in the end, vindicate our efforts to combat terrorism.

    Probably many over at Master Resource would disagree with me. Which probably means I need to learn to more broadly apply my belief in agreeing to disagree.

    So, again, sorry, and thanks for commenting!

    EDIT: Reading your comment again, I see I missed the comment about foreign bases. Yes, in that area I would be comfortable making cuts (why exactly are we still in Germany? I thought we beat the Huns (twice!)?)