FAU Report #2: Orientation part 2

Well, we toured, or we were supposed to anyway, the campus. Mostly we waited pointlessly in the parking garage for the rain to stop while our young tour guide blabbered. I wasn’t paying a lot of attention, and it rained so hard I couldn’t hear anyway. With a natural sense of direction like all males in our family, I don’t worry about finding my way around.

Anyway, fun fact about FAU: The President is former Lieutenant Governor Frank Brogan-probably making this one of the only colleges run by a Republican. Lucky me, eh?

Back to the report. So the college of engineering is mostly guys. When I made a crack about “Mangineers” however, the female professors/major advisors were offended. I thought it was clever. Shrug.

Well, Orientation was boring. But its over now.

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One response to “FAU Report #2: Orientation part 2

  1. Well Andrew, TGIO!

    I’ll bet the chicks weren’t nearly as offended as they did their best to show.

    Engineering is a 99% man’s game…just the way it is. The gals may have a built-in resentment about it, but girls are girls…even math-smart girls…