Some Jurisprudence From The Isrealites

Recall that our Western civilization’s laws come to us through a long chain of legal traditions-a sort of cross-cultural jurisprudence. We inherited much of our legal code from the English. They got theirs from the Romans, who were influenced by Christians, who got their’s from the Jews, who got their legal code from Hammurabi, or, if you prefer, God. So it is not for religious reasons only that we may wish to consult with biblical sources on the role of Judges in society. Michael Gaynor does so, and finds the idea of “empathy” in judges to be counter to said legal traditions. Of course, one might also point out that it is not for no reason that Justice is often depicted as blind.



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5 responses to “Some Jurisprudence From The Isrealites

  1. I’m just glad that more of Jesus’ “turn the other cheek” influenced the philosophers of the Enlightenment than Jehovah’s “an eye for an eye” or we would not be much better than the Jihadists. I’m not a Christian but I thank God for Christianity.

  2. timetochooseagain

    As an agnostic theist, I second that.

  3. I wondered what your religion was. Ditto.

  4. Well, Andrew and Pat…

    As a backslidden snake-handling Pentecostal Preacher with Southern Baptist raising, I will concur!

    As my long departed, old black lady friend Lula Sanders always said, “Thank God for Jesus!”

    All seriousness aside, I truly do struggle with my faith (however backslidden it may seem to others), and how it fits with our current challenges.

    Sometimes I want to torture terrorists…really torture them, not waterboarding…and then I remember the words of my Savior. “Love your enemies…do good to them that despitefully use you, etc, etc. “You’ll be heaping burning coals on their head…” You know what I mean.

    It is truly a struggle in my spirit.

    But back to the original point of your post. Yep! Obama is just as foolish when it comes to his view of judges as he is about changing oil on a Chrysler.

    My young friend, WE. ARE. SCREWED.

  5. timetochooseagain

    I have a vaguely Catholic upbringing, but I hate to say that I failed to learn to be as loving toward my “enemies”. But I don’t think I would be able to torture anyone (at least personally)-unless you count, as I suppose I would, such malicious things as public schooling as torture.

    Thank the Deity for Christ indeed.