Sweden’s Eugenics

Don’t like the sex of your fetus? Exterminate it. When I took AP Human Geography, we learned all about how in India and China the desire for male children is so great that tech to determine gender has been used (at least in India illegally) to decide whether to continue the pregnancy. Oh how the West has fallen.



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2 responses to “Sweden’s Eugenics

  1. Andrew, I am not one bit surprised that you took AP Human Geography (I don’t know what Human Geography is…but I knew you were AP…without even asking…one of my sons was AP from 1st grade through High School graduation…he’s the ‘difficult one’ for me to handle nyuk).

    Damned shame my friend!!! In my book, abortion (for any reason) is the worstest of the worst. I will shut up, because I’m about to cuss.

  2. timetochooseagain

    It’s basically demographics (the study of populations) with maps. But I still remember interesting tidbits. And I always liked by social studies Teachers in High School. My English teachers were almost all Marxists (one transparently so-we learned “dialectics” (gag) and he was so in the bag for Obama it was like MSNBC with better grammar. But History teachers in High School were much brighter. My American history teacher was if I recall a Ross Perot fan(!) which is better than I could expect given where I live-I also suspect that as a center-rightish guy he probably favored McCain over Obama. My teacher of European and World History was also pretty smart-she had seen communism’s failure first hand going over to Russia in the 80’s (Stalinists probably blame glasnost šŸ™„ ) where she brushed her teeth with Coke (funny story that). My Econ/Government teacher though was center-leftish. I tried and failed to reason with her (This was the point at which I was starting to get “bold”) but to no avail.

    I agree on abortion, also. And a lot of these issues get me riled too, but I know the feeling of trying to moderate one’s passionate tone. Can’t count how many times I have used language I’m not proud of. I just take a sip of orange juice and say “I’ll swear at the morning news when I’m over my ‘not a morning person’ time”.