Slow down a bit and run that by me again….

I’m a huge Jeb Bush fan (best governor ever) so I was at first disturbed by the apparent thrust of this article. Well, I did a double take and my knee jerk reaction was unnecessary. The GOP would not be “leaving Reagan behind” by sticking to its principles but becoming more forward looking anymore that it would be abandoning Locke or Jefferson. Reagan articulated, in that era, a conservative message which predated him by almost exactly two centuries, and which has even deeper intellectual roots. But to elevate any single man to a position of a political god would be as bad as the Democrat Obama worshiping. There are in history times when certain men become “indispensible” but that is transient. It is ideas which remain indispensible forever.


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2 responses to “Slow down a bit and run that by me again….

  1. I have to respectfully disagree here with the comments by Jeb Bush. I believe that Reagan’s ideas are what makes him transient, indispensible, and far more than merely the man. Conservatism is in essence Reagan. Pox on Jeb Bush for downplaying this or at least catering to the media elites….

  2. timetochooseagain

    LCR-assuming you mean “intransient”-The ideas of what we call Conservatism were articulated by Reagan, but he didn’t invent them. I have no intention of abandoning those ideas and I don’t think Jeb does either.