I have a new theory

It often seems to me that liberals ignore the unintended consequences of the policies they advocate. Well, I’ve thought about it and I don’t think that’s so true. I think their policies are designed to create as big a mess as they are supposed to clean up. Because whenever there is a mess, they come and say “You know, I can clean that up for you”. Think about it. Higher taxes drive business out of the country. So Obama wants to stop this not by lowering taxes, and thus eliminating the reason for companies doing this, but force them to pay taxes anyway. In other words, a liberal policy created a mess that is now supposed to be clean up by…more liberal policies. And when the mess of lost competitiveness is there, who will show up to pick up the pieces and make everything fine and dandy? Liberals! Liberals in unions destroying the auto industry? Bailout! Bonuses/misspending of the bailout? Tax the hell out of that! See, the reason these policies have “unintend consequences” is because “unintended consequences” are a great way to assert the need for more control. Pretty soon liberals have made a mess of everything they don’t control (and everything they do) so the “solution” they propose is to control everything. That my friends is why leftism inevitably becomes totalitarianism-how else are they supposed to “fix” society?


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4 responses to “I have a new theory

  1. Andrew, you are right my friend. The full spectrum of “unintended” consequences from leftie policies are not unintended at all.

    I resisted for many years believing that there were people actually bent on screwing up the nation intentionally. But reason, and not hiding your head in the sand can bring you to only one conclusion.

    “They” just ain’t like “us.” They have different goals…pure and simple.

  2. Liberals are only held to one standard. They ‘try to do something’ and their ‘hearts are in the right place.’ This is why they are never held to task for outcomes, plain and simple!

  3. Chas, Andy and I were talking about this at diner last night. I’m convinced that most Democrats are useful idiots. They think they’re “doing good.” But behind the useful idiots are the real movers who are true believers in Marxism and want to destroy western civilization in order to bring about totalitarianism.

  4. timetochooseagain

    You know, I have often thought about that and come to similar conclusions. At least for the mass of Democrats, the voters, they have no clue what is going on. But I have long been convinced that the party leaders have no delusions, for the most part, as to what the true aims and goals they have are.