The Republican Blame Game

The Conservative coalition is reeling. The 2006 mid-term election was a disaster for the GOP and of course 2008 was even worse. A debate has naturally arisen concerning the issue of “Where do we go from here?”-and one might say there are two “sides”-those that think we must broaden the tent and be inclusive to ideas which are not so palatable to all of us, and others who believe we must get back to our core ideas and principles. In many ways, some are taking both “sides” or picking and choosing where they want to be inclusive and where they want to be purists, but there are extremists on this issue, and they can be haters. I personally would prefer to remain above the fray. The real answer is that there is no reason we can’t do both. I don’t have to change my beliefs to feel comfortable with the fact that not everyone in the GOP is perfectly aligned with my beliefs (just no socialists, please). I will applaud what they do right and criticize their mistakes-this individualist outlook on party politics is the only approach which makes sense to me. But the problem is with the haters. They are playing the blame game. It all reminds me of a political cartoon of the nations of Europe after World War I. They all are pointing at one another indicating who ought to blamed for the crime of killing Peace in Europe-the reality is that they are all guilty. But now it seems that some want to give certain parts of the GOP the Versailles treatment. Grow up.



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2 responses to “The Republican Blame Game

  1. I’ve been playing the blamer game a lot lately but I’m starting to think that all the analysis is counter-productive. It’s time to make the most of what we’ve got and be upbeat about that.

  2. timetochooseagain

    Yes, exactly! At some point we have to stop bickering and start moving forward.