The Scottish Government Attempts to Play God

So they have a report out that has to do with adapting to climate change (thanks to the CA Forum for finding this!) and this stood out:

…on the proposals for a strategic centrally co-ordinated plan for adapting to climate change…

Erm, beg pardon, but isn’t centrally planned adaptation…Intelligent design? I’m all for adaptation. I think that it is the best response to changes that inevitably will happen (whatever their sign/magnitude) but it is what people have always done to changes in their environment. So aside from violating seperation of Church and State đŸ˜‰ Scotland and Big Cousin Haggis now will tell you how to react to the weather! I say, is your umbrella quite up to code sir? It seems your coat is in violation of section c3-r-26-j, eh wot? I’ll have to write you a fine.

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