In a Panic Over a Possible Pandemic?

I’m a student of history and science. I know that we’ve been hit with nasty pandemics in the past, and we will be again. So naturally the possibility of a big one has got a lot of people concerned. My view is that the worst thing you can do when responding to a potential crisis is panic. What can and should be done are practical, sensible procedures to deal with the situation-Now, I’m no expert, and I haven’t researched it, so I don’t know exactly what to do, but I’m sure you can find some helpful sites. But everyone seems to be panicing, or even feigning panic (panic is a great way to take advantage of people’s fear-The Administration I hear is planning to get their abortionist HHS secretary in easy-peasy amid the panic (we need her you see. Never mind the perfectly capable Bush holdover…) and Russia and its satellites are banning our pork (hey, you know Vlady, you can’t get flu from eating pork, right? Well, you probably do, but have…other reasons) and unfortunately there seems to be a push to blame the situation on Obama, which is as dispicable as blaming Bush for Katrina. Obama hasn’t even had a chance to flub this one up yet-he may, he’s screwed up just about everything else, but we need to be fair. So cool it a little on the flu panic. Call me when it gets a little more serious and then I will be constantly talking about it to, but right now the obsessive coverage seems unwarranted.



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2 responses to “In a Panic Over a Possible Pandemic?

  1. Good post Andrew. I’m kosher myself, so…no worries here!

    I’ve watched so many of these things come and go. The swine flu back however many years ago…the bird flu…SARS…the honey bees disappearing…the Y2K pandemonium…aliens observing Phoenix & Chicago…and a bunch of other crud I can’t even remember now.

    It’s the flu…the stinkin’ flu! It’s killed before, and it will kill again…IT. IS. THE. STINKIN’. FLU! From listening to media coverage you would assume that it’s something “new,” and nobody ever got sick from contracting a virus.

    Good, level-headed post my friend…good insight on the pigs in Russia banning US pigs…I had not thought about it, but it gives me something to chew on.

  2. timetochooseagain

    Thanks. The media does tend to get really excited and over report a story-it is possible that this could be a bad situation and all, but to report an apocalypse as imminent when it simply isn’t clear whether it will even be as bad as a normal flu outbreak borders on yelling fire in a crowded theater (you know, when there actually isn’t one).