Stupid Communists Have Rights To.

Or not.

EDIT: Special bonus. Drudge links this saying “France at risk of ‘revolution'”. So the Fifth Republic is looking to become the Sixth. Aren’t the French hysterically ridiculous?



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2 responses to “Stupid Communists Have Rights To.

  1. Hi Mr. Time!

    You might find this article interesting. I am planning to do a post on it soon, giving my thoughts, remembrances, etc.

    As a Louisiana Man, I lived through the David Duke/Edwin Edwards gubernatorial race. I find it interesting that the “enlightened” Europeans are less tolerant than us yokels…

    Good post man…

  2. timetochooseagain

    Andy-I had heard about the Duke story. It seems that the “enlightened” are just not as concerned with basic rights as we are-although the Czech Republic I had come to expect better from. I mean, I expect stuff like restrictions on how big a cross you can wear from France, but would think after Communism Eastern Europe would know better. But as usual, people’s good intentions blind them to the negative consequences…