Obama’s bitter politics and Gay Marriage

So, the Obama administration is going to forgo his promises to end torture and make us all endure the torture of watching people who tried to keep us safe prosecuted for their efforts. This is bitter politics, pure and simple. The fact is that we should have seen this coming. Sure, we like to use the long record of history as our guide-it usually is reliable-but since it would have led us to believe that the Obama administration would stick to the long established tradition of a peaceful transition, I guess we must say that history has failed us. I mean, did anyone prosecute members of the Wilson administration for actual infringements on the actual rights of actual US citizens? For dispensing with the constitution? Hell no. The Republicans at that time had either too much tact or too little chutzpah to attempt something they believed (rightly) was immature behavior anyway (although they did pardon many of Wilson’s “wrong kind of socialist” political prisioners). But the Obama administration has none of these. All they have are the wrong kind of socialists goading them on.

Meanwhile, I think Andy has said some very sensible things about Gay Marriage.

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