Oh, those “Right Wing Extremists”

Tokyo Tom, in comments on my About section suggested that I look to the things which Lew Rockwell says to discover why I am wrong to support war. I have decided that the evidence suggests that these guys believe some pretty kooky stuff. That’s putting it mildly. In addition to wiki, one might want to read the account of a rather rough treatment Jonah Goldberg got from these “libertarians”. Or perhaps their adventures in Far Left-ville. Now, I understand that many libertarians believe that war is a terrific opportunity for the state to expand its power. And I don’t believe it is paranoid to suspect such might be the case in even wars in the US (Wilson anyone?) but it seems ridiculous to suggest that this is the sort of thing Bush or Lincoln would do. Now, at this point, these libertarians will protest that Lincoln did violate all sorts of civil rights. But the end result of the civil war was a country which was, on the whole, freer. I mean, from my idea of a libertarian perspective, freeing people from tyranny is worth dealing with this sort of thing. It is absurd to suggest that bringing Liberal Democracy to the world is somehow not classically liberal (somewhat curiously, while they take the “states rights” side of the civil war, these guys side with the Federalists, not Jefferson’s Democratic Republicans on this-of course, it is easy to argue in hindsight (or if you are quite prescient, like Burke, foresight) that the French Revolution was something, er, less than admirable, but that isn’t fair to Jefferson, who became as disgusted in hindsight as anyone) is absurd. But then, these guys, as I understand it, are also protetionist, so it is obvious why they don’t give a crap about the freedom of the world. I suddenly understand why I have no clue what Tom is talking about half the time-he has been hanging around some truly wierd guys!


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  1. Nice post, Andrew. But that’s because I prefer discussing political philosophy to petty politics.

    The anti-war libertarians (actually most libertarians) are pretty nuts and definitely trying to reinvent the wheel. Our Founders hashed over all the ins and outs of “government as a necessary evil” and the need to limit government while still having a government powerful enough to defend our liberties.

    No one “supports war.” Like government, it’s a necessary evil.

  2. Andrew, I basically was referring to the Lew Rockwel blog, here: http://www.lewrockwell.com/

    And as for the “wierd” guys I hang out with, sure, if you call people who stick to their principles wierd. Rockwell`s blog is one of the hangouts of small-state conservatives and libertarians who can see the damage that both parties are doing to the country.

    Further, you might not have noticed, but before Rob Bradley got into bed with coal he wrote his “Master Resource” book, that Lew Rockwell praised highly at the Ludwig von Mises Institute (which kindly hosts my own blog): http://mises.org/story/2264

    Oh, and Bob Murphy, who consults at IER and is on the ME contributors roll, also posts at Lew Rockwell: http://www.lewrockwell.com/murphy/murphy156.html

    These are, indeed, some of the right “wierd” guys to get to know better.

    Of course what`s really wierd is any one who believes that the best way for government to enhance the welfare of its citizens is to take trillions from them and give it to military contractors, all while blowing up the police state and giving people around the world more cause to dislike, and still calls himself a libertarian.

  3. Yes, nice post Mr. Time. As a registered “libertarian,” I will tell you that there are millions of us that are not anti-war. In fact, there are millions of libertarians in the Republican party…for reasons of influence…that are not anti-war.

    I will not go into a long diatribe about Lincoln, the US Civil War, or the expansion of federal power over the States. I’ve done it until I’m blue in the fingers, and you’ve probably read it all before, and you probably hold some of the same opinions of it all that I do…or not. 😉

    Thank God that not all libertarians are nut-job extremists. We’ve got our Boortzs, and Walter Williamses, etc. etc.

  4. timetochooseagain

    Tom, apparently the bizarre guys you hang around with are okay, but the evil coal companies aren’t. I get it now.

    You are inflating the cost of the military to an absurd degree. It is billions, not trillions. “giving people around the world more cause to dislike” Right, because liberators are something to really hate. I guess that explains those ungrateful French bastards. “blowing up the police state” Er, now you are getting into black helicopter territory. “best way for government to enhance the welfare of its citizens” Strawman. The best way is for people to be left well enough alone. But as long as people around the world aren’t being let alone by their government…I will support liberating them.

    Pat-of course, I don’t “support war” in that sense. My About page is supposed to be somewhat humorously facetious. 🙂

    Andy-I could go on about Lincoln, to, and what I admire and deplore about his actions. But I find some of the libertarians who obsess over the bad in him can’t see the forest for the trees. Not to mention being a little bit stuck in the past.

    • Andrew, the outlay and expected future cost for casualties already suffered is already around a trillion.

      For clarity, by “blowing up the police state” I meant inflating it. Are you suggesting that the TSA and the wire-tapping programs (with retroactive immunity and use of the state secrets doctrine to prevent judicial review) have been significant steps towards greater personal liberty and civil rights?

      • timetochooseagain

        No, I’m suggesting that free elections in Iraq has lead to greater liberty in the world. Here in America, Democracy has allowed us to reign in some pretty dangerous excesses in the past. Surely you don’t think Bush was as bad or worse than Wilson? I didn’t see goons going around beating up commies and pacifists.

  5. As Richard Dawson would say while hosting ‘Family Feud,’ “Good Answer, Good Answer!”

    You’re a sharp cat Mr. Time. Keep up the good work. One day you may own the blogosphere…but don’t forget “the little people,” would ya’ ?

  6. timetochooseagain

    Andy, don’t worry, if I do become blog czar someday, (Haha, I laugh at my silliness) I will remember everyone who was just a “little guy” who helped me out! 🙂