The Reason For The Protests…

The reason for the tax day Tea Party protests is simple, but the media doesn’t get it. It isn’t about taxes so much as it is about the consequences of the out of control spending in Washington. The only way to pay off that debt is to a) increase revenue (which would require continually rising taxes with diminishing returns) b) borrow money (which just moves the need to pay off the debt till later) or c) Print bogus money (which doesn’t work). None of these things are good, and these inevitibilities anger and scare us. Young people like me are especially concerned, as the favorite way to deal with debt of the selfish Boomers and Xer’s and Yer’s seems to be to stick us millenials with the bill-after having coddled and spoiled us into patheticness, making us generatio Rx and the “trophy kid” generation-insuring that our future is not as good as you’ve had it. Well, I won’t stand for it. This out of control government spending, and government in general, has got to stop. That’s what these protests are about.


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  1. Mr. Time, you are as right as rain. Preach on brother, Preach! It is a travesty…no, it is worse than that.

    For my generation (I’m almost 50 now), and my parents generation to pass along this burden to my sons, and their grandsons is sinful. Stealing another man’s property is a sin…stealing another man’s future is a double sin (I don’t know if there technically is such a thing as a double sin…but there oughta be).

    I don’t blame you…I wouldn’t stand for it either.

  2. timetochooseagain

    The worst of it is that this generation is the least prepared to bear the burden of this debt than any past generation would have been. We are the real forgotten men-the spoiled ones who, bless our hearts, have no clue what we’re in for.

  3. You might be surprised Time. While you are right that your generation is least prepared than any other, it’s nothing new.

    Every generation is less prepared for hardship than the previous one. I know that my generation was/is not as hardened as my Daddy’s. And his was not as tough as his Daddy’s…etc. etc. etc.

    People always find a way to overcome adversity. Well, at least some do. That is where the real danger lies. Those that can’t cope with the struggle are the most likely to just take what they need (or want) from those like yourself…or my sons…who aren’t afraid to suck it up and do what it takes to survive the right way.

    But it has happened before. In the Great Depression there were miscreants…not on the scale that I think we would see now…but good-for-nothings nonetheless. You will “make it” if everything goes in the crapper. I’m gonna do my darndest to see that you (and my boys) don’t have to find out.