Keep your Children Safe from this “dangerous radical”

Dangerous Right Wing Radical

Dangerous Right Wing Radical



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2 responses to “Keep your Children Safe from this “dangerous radical”

  1. Yeah Mr. Time, I heard about how Janet (Reno) Napolitano is raising the red flags.

    This was predictable. I remember the Clinton years. I was living in rural Southwest Colorado, and the militia movement was gearing up big time throughout the West. The Michigan Militia was at the forefront of thousands of small groups of patriots that were truly concerned about the erosion of The Constitution.

    There was a militia group that grew and flourished in my area. In an area with about 20,000 people in 4 counties, the militia meetings would draw…well, a lot of like-minded folks. Nobody wanted to kill anybody. Nobody wanted to overthrow the government. Nobody wanted to kill Jews, or blacks (in fact, the few blacks that lived in the area were involved).

    There was a truly perceived “fear” that right-thinking people had to prepare for an onslaught of persecution, prosecution, seizure of property, etc. And the Clinton administration did it’s best to change no minds…

    The movements waned after W became President. I told The Mrs. after Obama was elected…”You just watch…the militias will revive.” I guess BarackO’ is anticipating the same thing.

    Funny thing is…in many of the militia groups I was familiar with, some of the leaders were Po-leese Chiefs, and County Sheriffs.

    Hang on to your hat! We’re in for a wild ride my friend…a wild, wild ride.

  2. timetochooseagain

    I’m way to young to remember the militias, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they came back either.