You probably heard about the Congressional Black Caucus’ trip to Cuba, and how these affirmative action Democrats, who are obviously none too bright (which is white people’s fault, by the way), positively gushed over Castro and his familia. For those of you who haven’t read the Black Book of Communism, like, obviously, they haven’t, Castro is your typical murderous, human rights abusing leftist dictator. Why didn’t these idiots talk to any of the dissidents imprisoned in Cuba, who have merely excercised that cherished right of free speech (which Liberals usual claim to favor, when it means their own nonsense spouting against freedom) or, more practically, the folks who have fled to my home state of Florida in droves? Why not at least be skeptical of the image that Castro would obviously try to paint (a rosy one)? This has happened before. Stalin did it, for one. The shocking (well, not really, nothing shocks me anymore) thing about it all is that Castro’s abuses are all on record, and these elected officials are apparently completely ignorant of that record! But there is something interesting here besides stupid leftists (is that redundant or generous?) and that’s this: Crazy Communist mass murdering dictator wants to help Obama succeed, while talk radio show host Rush Limbaugh wants Obama’s socialist policies to fail. But Rush should shut up because he hasn’t killed any Capitalists in the name of the Revolution, which is apparently the bench mark for being free to speak in Liberal Land.

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