Oh The Naivete!

Yes, Obama says that we need a world without nukes-starting with getting rid of our own. Does anyone actually believe that if we disarm, the rest of the world is going to follow? Ha! Fat chance dopes…

There has just been to much of this crap lately (especially today) so I’m sorry I can’t comment on all of the insanity, I’m very busy.



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2 responses to “Oh The Naivete!

  1. Andrew, hopefully (and that’s just a hope) there are enough sensible dems in Congress to reject any treaties with the “we go first”…or “we go at all” provisions.

    I remember nuclear weaponry destruction during the GHW Bush administration (I think). The reds destroyed a bunch of their old junk, and we destroyed a bunch of our old junk. I fear that BozObama will destroy our “good stuff.” We shall c.

  2. timetochooseagain

    Hopefully, but I somehow doubt it. There are going to be a ~lot~ of such treaties. LOST will probably resurface, some sort of Kyoto II, and they all have very bad consequences…