How to destroy the political career of an “innocent”* man…

The charges have been dropped against Ted Stevens. And why not? The goal of getting a Democrat Senator in that seat has been achieved…

*NOTE: I’m a non judgmental person. I doubt that Ted Stevens was perfect. But I say innocent only because he apparently didn’t do what he was accused of. However bad he was, I don’t think he deserved to be treated the way he was. A quick look at his wiki page shows he was kind of pro abortion and became a warmist-he was also made fun of for calling the internet “a series of tubes” by the usual asses like Jon Stewart (not to be confused with the Green Lantern) and the left wing tubo-sphere. Perfect? Hardly. A victim? Yes.

NOTE DUCE: I have recieve a couple of comments regarding the character of Stevens and I think I’d be willing to change my assessment of him. He seems to not have many fans. And he probably was the usual politician slime bucket. I’ll take Andy’s word on this one, since I don’t really feel like doing my own “investigation” of the man. I remain disgusting at the actions of the Democrat party in this case, and feel that the technicality on which this case was dropped is actually an example of the frailty of our legal system.


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3 responses to “How to destroy the political career of an “innocent”* man…

  1. You’re a breath of fresh air, Andrew, but Ted was no angel. No doubt his Democratic successor is pure demon.

  2. timetochooseagain

    Fair point-I try not to judge people I know little about. What I do know is that the Democrat party destroyed the career of an old man that apparently didn’t do anything worth following up on after kicking him out of office.

  3. Stevens was/is a miserable, money-grubbing, self-promoting dinosaur. I am 99.9% sure that he was guilty of far more than he was convicted of. His conviction got tossed because the Fed Prosecutor withheld evidence from his defense.

    That is not to be done! And the Judge was right in his ruling. But I suspect that if the withheld evidence was available, he still would have been convicted.

    I have watched this guy my whole adult life, and it shames me that I was once a “Republican” with guys like him in the party.

    That being said, I don’t blame the media, or the Fed Prosecutor for costing Stevens his very crucial/pivotal seat in the Senate. I blame the leaderless Republican Party, and the leaderless National Republican Senatorial Committee. The NRSC knew this junk was coming down the pipe. What you do is quietly tell Stevens that it’s time to retire at 129…you bring in fresh conservative Alaskan blood to go in and easily win this solid Republican seat…

    YOU DON’T LET a money-sucking dinosaur like Stevens lose your filibuster!

    And while I’m on it, the NRSC screwed the pooch in a cherry chance to oust my worthless Senator Mary Landrieu! She was ripe for the picking. The dynamic in Louisiana has changed dramatically. We finally got one conservative Senator elected, and Mary Landrieu was teetering on the edge. The NRSC came in early (seeing her vulnerability), perused the landscape…and found the absolutely worst, least charismatic, flip-flopping, ex-populist Democrat candidate that they could…then put all their resources behind him. It was a laugher!!!!!

    So, we’re stuck…I can’t put total blame on the msm & axe-grinding, agenda driven Feds for turning over the Senate to Reid.

    I believe that Stevens himself, and the weak leadership of the Republican Party bear just as much responsibility.

    But Patrick is right buddy…you are a breath of fresh air…