By Popular Demand…

(My brain cells were polled) NYT actually attacks compact florescents!



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  1. Nyuk Nyuk, Mr. Time!!!! The joke is truly on them!

    Every time I see regular incandescent bulbs on sale somewhere, I clean out the shelves. Half of one of the rooms in my shop is filled up with 40/60/75/100 watt regular bulbs that work…

    I have stockpiled enough to last through the insanity of cfl’s. (When nobody can read after dark anymore, and the people rise up to overturn the stupid cfl mandates.)

    Now I am working on stocking up enough incandescent bulbs to sell on the black market in a few years. I tried desperately to convince my well-heeled friends to pull their money out of the stock market a few years ago, and invest in tangible assets…like gold, guns, and light bulbs.

    I guess they thought that I was a nut job (don’t even think about it Mr. Time…) …they all left their future survival in the hands of folks in charge of intangibles. Now their future survival lies in Obama’s hands/plans.

    Buy all the regular old light bulbs that you can get your hands on…but buy ’em on sale… They won’t go bad. At the very worst you can use them yourself for decades. At best, they will be coveted by others, and will bring a high price…either cash, or trade. I’m serious.

  2. timetochooseagain

    It does make a lot of sense to put your money into tangible things right now-especially since out currency itself will probably be totally worthless very soon. I hope it isn’t to late to get invested in those commodities. My parents have been complaining “What’s the safe investment? Its not like we can buy gold in bulk.” So maybe I’ll suggest the light bulb/gun idea to them. If we hurry with the bulbs, we may get them in time. Unfortunately for, say, our British friends, the regular bulbs went off the market even before their bans went into effect. The companies agreed to stop making/selling them! Let’s hope that here they hold out, but I’m not sure-I find I’m not seeing many incandescent bulbs anywhere these days.