California to ban/tax/regulate the Color of your car?!?! WHAT???

No, seriously. The reasoning is pretty silly. Black cars are hotter, so you use more AC, and using energy=carbon emissions, so we must make all cars white to cut AGW. Er, well, no. However, white cars might actually help to directly cut down on Urban Heat Islands-but probably negligibly. In the meantime, behold the enviro fascists at their craziest.



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3 responses to “California to ban/tax/regulate the Color of your car?!?! WHAT???

  1. Mr. Time…bwahahahahahahahahahaha!

    Jeepers, My oldest son lives out there (he is in the US Air Force), so I knew it was bad in Californication, but I didn’t know it was down to this…

    I bought a black car once, and swore that I never would again. They are too hard to keep clean in the pollen-laden South, too hot to get into in our 10 month Summer, and too ‘flashy’ for my taste.

    When I was looking for my last car there was this really nice, low mileage, perfectly suited for what I was looking for…jet black Sable…the guy couldn’t afford the payments, and was selling it for two grand less than ‘wholesale.’ So, true to my promise, I said, “I’ll take it.” That was 5 years ago, and the old black gal hasn’t let me down yet…one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

    But I promised myself once again that “I’ll never buy another black car!!!”…too hard to keep clean…too hot in the Summer, etc.

    After reading this article, I might break my promise to never buy a black car again…just for spite!

  2. timetochooseagain

    I know what you mean-it gets even hotter down here, and they are really hard to keep clean. Personally, though, I go with my preference, not spite or convenience-I go with red! šŸ™‚

  3. Ha!…good one Mr. Time…