The Hobo Effect to Hit CEOs

So, as I was grogily eating my breakfast early this morning in the rush to get ready for school (which starts at 7:30) I heard Steve Doocy, otherwise an okay guy, join in with the stupid complaining going around about AIG big wigs getting bonuses. Steve Doocy would never complain about that if they hadn’t been bailed out. As I’ve said before, anyone who has ever given money to a hobo and watched him buy beer with it has felt the totalitarian temptation. Well, the Liberal Fascists are positively giddy now that even people who would otherwise be fairly conservative are filled with populist rage over bonuses. There strategy has worked. They can control your behavior if the tax payers want them to to save a buck. This will happen with Healthcare, to. Everyone will rage against the right to eat whatever you want once they are paying for the health expenses. The Bailouts never should have happened-they were Fat Cat Welfare checks. The Bush administration was wrong, the Democrat Congress was wrong, everyone who supported them was wrong. But oh well. Too late now. The puritanical Government will soon control every aspect of these business’s behavior. We’ve seen how well that worked with Fannie and Freddy. Just know that I warned you-they will come for you next. If you don’t speak up for freedom now, no one will be left when its your freedom on the line.


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