Be Advised-sometimes when posting, I’m cranky.

Yeah, yeah, I know-sometimes I use intemperate/impolite language. It’s because I require motivation to take time out of my day to blog, and the emotion which most often sets me off is anger. So, sorry, Meghan. You’re not fat, you’re just clueless and arrogant. Still insulted? Well, that’s not my problem.



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5 responses to “Be Advised-sometimes when posting, I’m cranky.

  1. waldo

    Dear stupid

    This is what ‘hateful and stupid’ looks like ~”Its because you’re a whiny, ugly, b!&@#! With apologies to female dogs.”

    Cranky is what your father feels when he clips your ear for shooting off your foul mouth.

  2. timetochooseagain

    My my! You accuse me of being the hateful and stupid one while hatefully and stupidly calling me hateful and stupid. How impressive. Maybe you’d care to actually challenge the assertion that she was being whiny and well, female doggy? No? Serious, what is it with the cheap shots from these drive-by commenters?

    By the way, I don’t think you have any business telling me what my father feels when I do anything. However, while we’re at it, your mother wears army boots. Now grow up.

  3. Andrew, you wasted your time with Waldo. He has no idea what the reference to Momma wearing combat boots even means.

    Hey man…it’s St. Patrick’s Day. Smile! 😉

    Been enjoying your blog…especially the clean language, the desire to be civil…and the occasional proof that you are “human.”

  4. timetochooseagain

    🙂 Happy Saint Patrick’s day to you, to! Yes, I am human, as evidenced by my totally losing it in frustration with Meghan McCain, or the hissy fit I threw over Red State making commenting ridiculously difficult. But I do try to be civil, and clean language is something I strive for to. Thanks for the compliments!

  5. nuffilfulphak

    Just wanted to say hi since I’m new here!
    ‘m happy to become a member of this community!!!
    Hoping for the the best 🙂