Hey Meghan McCain-How about a One on One debate with a kid you say doesn’t exist?

If you are actually reading this, and God knows you aren’t-your a whiny little b-wait, hold on, let’s keep it G-rated here man-anyway. Think you can find time in between your whining about how the Republican party should morph to fit the ideals of a Kerry-voter “Progressive” and ditch Ann Coulter and anyone to your right and your listening to Left-wing loon comedians to debate the real voice of the next Republican generation(Wow, that sounds arrogant!)? Because, according to you, there are no people who aren’t on the verge of dying that are conservatives-and that the GOP is lucky to have any young supporters at all, you say. Well, as a person who was under the impression that he was a young, living conservative, I’d really like to know why you think that the Republican party can’t do without you, but would do just fine without me. Is it because your smarter? Prove it? Is it because your “cooler”? Or are you more attractive? Well, I may be a little fatter than you, but I’m working on that-and you aren’t so good looking yourself, really. Seriously, how old were your parents when they had you? Because I think you have a developmental disorder of the brain. The reason you can’t get a guy isn’t because of the election or the GOP. Its because you’re a whiny, ugly, b!&@#! With apologies to female dogs. And the pardon my French.


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2 responses to “Hey Meghan McCain-How about a One on One debate with a kid you say doesn’t exist?

  1. cbmc

    “And the pardon my French” is the tip-off – this whole site’s an elaborate joke, right?

  2. timetochooseagain

    Hate to disappoint you, but no. I’m completely serious. Is that really your best counter-argument? Puh-leeze! By the way, its so very polite of you to jump to the conclusion that I can’t be serious because you don’t agree. Ridicule is of course a liberal “debating” technique standby.