Heartland’s Second ICCC started today

As you know, or perhaps don’t, the free market think tank The Heartland Institute started last year holding an annual event in which scientists, economists, politicians and others convene to discuss the topic of climate change. Last year, the theme was “Global Warming: Truth or Swindle?” and the theme for this year is “Global Warming: Was it Ever Really a Crisis?”. The people presenting their have a variety of viewpoints on the role of humans in the climate system and how best to address the supposed “dangerous” climate change, but many of them generally agree that the climate change issue is over hyped and that our understanding of climate is far from complete. I agree with that general spirit. I have written extensively on why I think that the effect of Greenhouse Gases emitted by humans is greatly exagerated by the UN and many in the climate science community, and therefore think that policy efforts to address the problem are misguided. On this occasion it seems appropriate to plug the Klimacht archive. Unfortunately, I won’t be anywhere near New York as it goes one over the next couple of days, but I’ll be posting reactions to the media that Heartland makes available of the event as it appears on their website.

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