Rabid Moderate: Stop loving Reagan our I’ll kill the GOP

Gene on The Reference Frame said:

[…]I am very uncomfortable with both American political parties, with good reason.  I think the Republican Party will die if it does not stop trying to revive Reaganism[emphasis mine]; that is just a fantasy.  Many things, of course, were right about the Reagan philosophy and those should be kept.  Even more things are wrong about Obama’s philosophy and those should be discarded.  And fiscal prudence, which is not a feature of either Reaganism or Obamaism, needs to be resurrected.[…]

My response:

What exactly is wrong with Reaganism? It this divisive attitude among moderates and some far righters (not me) that is destroying the party. Actually “I think the Republican Party will die if it does not stop trying to revive Reaganism” is a fantasy-yours. But you are trying very hard to make it a reality.

BTW, fiscal prudence is the Reagan ideal-but was simply unachievable with Democrat Congresses and a Cold War. Please stay awake next time Reaganism is explained to you.

See here (go to fast comments) and watch me duke it out with Elitist Atheist Democrat dunce Gordon, and some of my comments on multiculturalism too, and read the post that spawned the discussion.



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2 responses to “Rabid Moderate: Stop loving Reagan our I’ll kill the GOP

  1. Andrew, Gene is not completely wrong. It’s the “-ism” in Reaganism that’s the problem. It’s just another “-ism.” Reagan believed in what he said. It was his unique perspective of American Exceptionalism. He didn’t simply regurgitate what the Founders said. He put it in his own words with his won unique nuances.

    Yes, the message is still the same as the Founders’ but it was filtered through his personality. It’s a subtle concept but what is really needed is another brilliant communicator who had digested, understood and respected the Founders’ vision and tells it in his own words.

  2. timetochooseagain

    Thanks for your input. I definitely agree that we need someone else who can articulate, in his own words, the message of the Founders. I usually agree with Gene and Gordon, but unfortunately, I find that they so strongly hold certain beliefs that they are as dangerously uncompromising as, say, that “Recovering Republican” guy was (especially since Gordon has registered Democrat now) and while I do try to reach out to them when we disagree, they can be impossible sometimes.