The Best Commentary on the “Rush divide” I’ve yet seen

It comes, of course, from Jonah Goldberg. I was less than satisfied with some of the Republican and Conservative comments that Republicans should disassociate themselves from Rush, because it seemed to me they were suggesting that we focus on appealing to the center and not worry about alienating the base in the process. Sorry, but alienating the base is something of serious concern. I may not be one of those people, and in fact I find most of them to be small minded and there ideas not constructive, but people who want to leave the Republican party do exist. If you disagree with things some Republicans are saying, don’t throw a hissy fit and leave or something like that, just say, calmly, where it is that you disagree, why, and try your best to get them to agree with you. Save the confrontational attitude for the Liberals. Anyway, I like the idea of bringing back Firing Line, but who would host it? More to the point, why should PBS exist in the first place? Wouldn’t it be better to not subsidize any opinions? After all, you could never be fair to all of them. And nobody except nerds and Commies watch PBS ;).



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2 responses to “The Best Commentary on the “Rush divide” I’ve yet seen

  1. Exactly. Anyone opposed to big government and socialism belongs in the GOP. The rest is small potatoes. I sure wish the religious right could realize that too.

  2. timetochooseagain

    Yes, it sometimes is frustrating dealing with some purists. The party only functions as a coalition, and for all my disagreements with some moderates, I mostly think they should stay in the party (although there are three people in the Senate I’m rather angsty about right now). And for all my problems with some of the things the GOP has recently done, I know that they are still the party of limited government and freedom, the party I belong in.