Chill Out!

My presentation summarizing my observations about the “climate change” issue is here:



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2 responses to “Chill Out!

  1. I’ll have to wait to look at your Power Point presentation till I go into my office again on Monday. The connection the farm can’t handle it.

    BTW I just said this to you on my blog: “I love talking to you. You remind me of things I have long forgotten. I may have to do a post on the Thermidorian Reaction to remind myself about the one bright spot in the French Revolution.”

    You must read a lot because I’m sure they don’t go into that much detail about the FR at school. Or do they? They sure didn’t when I was your age.

  2. timetochooseagain

    I’m in AP European History and I have a pretty great teacher! She visited the USSR in the 80’s and learned first hand that Communism doesn’t work!