Rush, that’s not our way!

Rush Limbaugh got really fired up today, promising that when the Republicans get back in power, conservatives will use the liberals massive government to make them pay. Now, I’m all for calling the bastards out, but surely you must be joking! It is not the conservative way to “use” big government for anything. To succumb to that temptation, the totalitarian temptation, would mean throwing conservatism under the bus. We’d be as guilty of romanticizing the state as the leftists. The enemies of freedom should be punished, no question, but we must undo all of their destruction, all of their nanny state socialism, or become complicit in their Fascist march. By using big government, you legitimize it, and become what Marx ironically called a “useful idiot.” The German conservatives thought they could control Hitler and National Socialism, use it to destroy Communism then cast it aside, but they were wrong, dangerously wrong. The Republican became complicit with the fascist New Deal, to, when they failed to even challenge or question many aspects of it (Eisenhower famously said that any attempt to get rid of Social Security, the shadow of which is looming over my generation’s future, would be political suicide) and then there were the years of “me too”ism, and Dick “we are all Keynesians now” Nixon, or Ford, who tripped over himself to agree with Carter on essentially capitulating to the Soviets. Only Reagan and Goldwater dared to question the assumptions created by the New Deal and Great Society (in Reagan’s case this is especially interesting, as he had been a New Deal Democrat) and dare to suggest undoing them, or at least doing what was necessary to reign in their excesses, but by 1980 it was largely too late. The Bushes, father and son, were not nearly so bold (although I must appluad the bravery of Bush in trying to save my generation from Social Security, a constituency he was not elected to represent, elected by, or even belonged to). But Rush normaly stands up to the statists. So you can understand my confusion over his sudden embrace of Big Brother when he can use it to crush the left-sure, there is irony and poetic justice to it, but its not right! I say that we should make the socialists pay-but not by using the government. We should make them pay by taking away every little bit of socialist advance they have gotten in the last 100 years. But, then, the realization hit me-none of what either of us is saying is going to happen, its just not realistic. I do see that we can’t turn back the clock right now, or even in two years, to where and when we want things to be. We will have to live, for a while, with nanny state socialism. But that doesn’t mean it is exceptable for us to use it-we must, at least in increments, reverse the tide. And we must draw a line in the sand now marked “further left than this, ye shall not pass” and if they try to cross it, we must do everything within our power to hold them back-we must not make the fatal conceit. And when things finally get back under our control, we can start reversing socialism from our line in the sand. But taking cheap shots with the enemies guns as we march forward for liberty is disgraceful and totally contradictory to our whole philosophy. It is not acceptable.


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4 responses to “Rush, that’s not our way!

  1. I agree with Rush 9 times out of ten but I call him a blowhard because he occasionally goes off the deep end and gets a bit over-dramatic and that detracts from his otherwise serious behavior.

    I enjoyed this post a lot and agree completely.

  2. timetochooseagain

    I thought you would enjoy it. Unfortunately, today Rush seems to have made an error which, no doubt, will make his liberal detractors absolutely giddy. He was apparently listening to Obama’s inaugural address again and misheard the line “Those of us who manage the public dollars” as “Those of us who manage the public’s knowledge” which is even more terrifying. This is probably due to a transcription error or, possibly his hearing impairment. You can see the mistake here:

  3. Andrew, Rush is one of the good guys but I can’t take him too seriously. Like Ann Coulter, he’s an entertainer more than a philosopher so I adjust my expectations.

  4. timetochooseagain

    That’s a good point. Still, who doesn’t love entertainment? 😉