Obama: Stimulus is by definition Keynesian

Okay, slight paraphrase there, but in his “press conference” yesterday Obama repeated the assertion that calling the “stimulus” bill a spending bill is stupid, because stimulus is the same thing as spending. Well, maybe I should give him the benefit of the doubt-he didn’t say deficit spending (even though that is what the “stimulus” is) so not explicitly Keynes. But “Only the Government” can do this he says, “Only Government” works, he says. This crap he’s spewing is ridiculous-he refuses to except the very basic reasons and historical proof that markets, unfettered markets, work, and when they don’t, they learn and adjust, and then they spectacularly improve. He refuses to acknowledge that the ideas of Keynes were long ago discredited. He just insists that massive deficit spending will work-that it is the only thing that will work. It is as if a family that is badly in debt decided to take out a loan to pay off its debts, another loan to pay expenses, another for luxuries that they couldn’t normally afford, and finally proposed to pay it all off by holding all their neighbors at gun point and shaking them down for all their cash.  Well, that may sound ridiculous to you, but this is pretty much exactly what Obama plans to do-the neighbors being future taxpayers (me and my generation) and the bank being China. And all you Obama voters, you are the benefactors, the children of your big daddy, big government, Obama. And as Clinton would say, Daddy’s gonna take care of you. So thanks Obama voters, for footing me with the bill.


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