Gas Taxes

There is something very revealing in this map of gas prices by county:

The thing that I want you to notice is that there are clear differences between gas prices on one side of a state boundary and another. It is not obvious why Utah, for instance, should have such low gas prices when Nevada’s are so high-even in the counties along their shared border. And just look at California! The only reason why there should be such obvious differences between states would be that the state governments are responsible for raising the prices in some way. My guess is gas taxes. So it isn’t surprising that liberal California has such high prices and conservative Idaho, in the same region, has really low prices. And, very roughly, the higher the state’s gas prices, the more likely it went for Obama. I can see all this just by eyeballing. So, why exactly is it that liberals want us all paying through the nose for gas?



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2 responses to “Gas Taxes

  1. Yes, it is gas taxes but it’s also that California, Nevada (and Washington state) have some of the most stringent environmental laws governing gas additives.

  2. timetochooseagain

    Good point! Thanks, I hadn’t even thought of that.